Rubber Division in details
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The Company’s main business is growing and processing of Natural Rubber at its Thirumbadi Estates situates at Mokkam Post – 673 602, Kozhikode District, Kerala. The main grades of Natural Rubber processed and sold are 60% DRC Centrifuged Latex, ISNR and Skim Crepe.

The Thirumbadi Estate has total area of 1789.13 Acres (724.04 Hectares) and is comprised of two divisions, namely Thirumbadi Division and Neeleswarm Division about 40 Kms, to the North East of Kozhikode city at an elevation of about 250 Feet above Mean Sea Level.


The crop harvested from Rubber Trees are mainly of Two types : 1. Field Latex and 2. Field Coagulum (Dry Rubber Collected before tapping).

 The processing capacity of the factory situated at Thirumbadi Division is as follows:

  • Centrifuging Section to convert field latex into 60% DRC Centrifuged Latex. The output of 60% DRC Centrifuged latex is reprocessed (Double Centrifuged) to meet the quality parameters of condom manufacturers and high surgical quality  natural  rubber  products  i.e.  Surgical Gloves, Surgical Tubes etc., The Double Centrifuged Latex fetches good premium compared to other grades of natural rubber. Hindustan Life Care Ltd., a Govt. of India Organization is the main buyer of Double Centrifuged Latex and the largest producer of such health care and surgical products.
  • Crump Factory to convert field coagulum into Crumb Rubber, popularly known as Indian Standard Natural Rubber (ISNR) or Block Rubber. We produce usually ISNR 5, 10 & 20.

The Total Capacity of the Factory all together is around 20 Lakhs Kgs.

The Factory is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company.